10 Signs It’s Time for Seniors to Downsize

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When families purchase a home, they often think about their future needs – how much space they are going to need, how many children they are going to have, whether or not they need a room for guests and aging parents – but more often than not, as we get older, the needs we once had no longer apply. While we may be attached to a home because of treasured memories and deep meaning, when we become seniors, it’s no longer practical and can even become a burden. In order to reduce the stress and hardship of owning a home that doesn’t meet your changing needs, it may become necessary to downsize.

According to Alison Wall, Senior Living Consultant at TreVista Antioch, an assisted living and memory care community in Antioch, CA, downsizing is common for seniors. “Most seniors become overwhelmed with the endless to-do lists, maintenance and upkeep that a large home requires,” says Alison, “Especially when their needs simply include needing a place to sleep, entertain guests, cook meals and relax and unwind. Most seniors don’t have a need for more than two bedrooms or even multiple stories depending on their desires. Some may need even less space if family and friends live nearby and are a short drive away. No matter what, downsizing is a personal decision that can be either easy for seniors to make or extremely difficult.”

Signs That It’s Time for a Senior to Downsize

As seniors age, they may be quick to see that the home no longer fits their lifestyle and want to downsize, while others may be reluctant to let go of the memories and the home they’ve shared with their loved ones for many years. Both of these experiences are common, however, when seniors begin to notice the following signs, it could be time to consider downsizing.

Seniors aren’t using all of their space. Do you have three or more bedrooms in your home? How often are they used? If the answer is “not often” or “they will be when the grandkids visit,” it’s likely time to downsize. Some homes also have multiple living areas and more than one bathroom. It’s important to assess how often each of these areas is used to see what you truly need in a home.

Cleaning and housekeeping are becoming too much. The bigger the space, the more there is to clean. Do you spend a whole day cleaning or picking things up around the house? Do you have trouble getting around to each area you need to clean? If so, consider downsizing. A smaller home is usually much more manageable – not to mention safer – for seniors to clean and take care of. A smaller home means all the difference in spending a whole day doing something you hate and spending your days as you choose.

Lawn and yard maintenance is a burden. Do you have a large yard with a lush garden, pool and grass that seems to need mowing each week? Do you hate taking care of it or paying someone else to do it for you? If you don’t spend much time in your yard or use your outdoor spaces, it could help to look for a home with a smaller yard. Consider your needs – if you love gardening, make sure there’s a space to do so. If you like to sit outdoors and have coffee and read on the porch, find a smaller home that accommodates that.

Certain areas are full of clutter. Do you notice your office is becoming a catch-all for junk mail and things you don’t want to keep but also can’t throw away? If there’s less space – and fewer doors for you to close on the clutter – you won’t be overwhelmed or embarrassed when it’s time to clean that room.

Family members and friends are too far away. If you have to travel to visit friends and family, or they don’t visit you because of busy lives and far distances, it could be a good idea to try to find a smaller home near them. Not only will this keep you more present in their lives, but it can also prevent isolation.

The cost of utilities is unpredictable and high. As seasons change and years go by, do you find that your utilities are increasing and you are paying more than usual? Downsizing can often solve this problem as there’s less space to heat or cool and often fewer lights to make sure you turn off.

Items keep needing to be replaced or repaired. The older a home becomes, the more repairs it’s likely to need. Do you find yourself repairing or replacing appliances often? Is everything working as it should be? When choosing between staying at home and downsizing, it’s important to consider the updates that will need to be done, as well.

The market is right. Is your home worth more than you paid for it? Are there homes in the area you are looking at that fit your needs and are at the right price range? If so, gauge interest and see what you may be able to get out of your home.

You are becoming bored and depressed. If you don’t often have visitors or if you are by yourself more often than not, downsizing can leave you in a better place. Move closer to town with public transportation and things to do, move closer to friends and family so you can visit or consider a senior living community where there are plenty of activities, services and amenities and opportunities to socialize.

You desire the peace of mind of care. If this is something of value to you, moving to a senior living community can provide you with the care you desire, no matter what your needs. Don’t worry about having to pay someone to come into your home to care for you, or having friends and family do so. Instead, have peace of mind knowing everything is completely taken care of for you.

For more information about how downsizing can benefit a senior’s life, or to see how senior living at TreVista Antioch can enrich and enhance your lifestyle, call us today at (416) 908-1181.

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