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Simple Easy Transition appreciates the differences between removing items for a decluttering project, organizing for a streamlined workspace or a complete removal process for the clearing out of an estate.


Do you feel burdened by your possessions but the thought of going through them is paralyzing? We know firsthand that the decluttering process is both emotional and physical. Whether you are sorting through years of “stuff” to move or feeling overwhelmed by your space, our team can help you make your space organized and functional.

This is how Simple Easy Transition can create functionality and simplicity in your space. We will:

  • Work with you to understand the function of each room in your home
  • Sort and purge each room based on the criteria for each room
  • Create a sense of calm and serenity in each room without giving up function
  • Co-ordinate charities, consignment, content sales and auction services for your unwanted items


Embarrassed by the mess and disarray? Wasting time searching for stuff? When you don’t want to be throwing anything out but know your space and your life can be streamlined. Your Simple Easy Transition team can help! Your mess is our opportunity to help - we enjoy making sense of your space with solutions that are functional and easy to maintain for your lifestyle.

The Simple Easy Transition Teams are experts at creating space for what matters most by:

  • Creating an organizational plan for each area
  • Optimize the overall space with custom solutions
  • Providing recommendations on storage solutions and future space maintenance tips

Estate Clearing

No one is ever prepared for the task of clearing out the home of a loved one. The Simple Easy Transition team can help you hold on to the memorable items and find a home for everything else.

This service involves working closely with you to:

  • Take inventory & allocate the contents to family, donation services or sales
  • Pack up of all content items
  • Coordinate the pickup and delivery of charitable items
  • Prepare the home for sale


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“On behalf of my family and I, a big thank you for all the assistance you gave us in moving my mother from her home to the apartment. We are truly appreciative and could not have done what you and your team accomplished in such a short time. You made the transition so easy for us. Our sincere thank you to you and your wonderful team”. T. T

“Thank you, Monica, and all the super workers at your transition company.
Thank you for helping my parents through such a challenging time. You and your staff were all wonderfully sensitive, efficient, careful, and professional. We all felt supported and ‘safe in your hands’ before, during, and after the move. You truly cared about my parents and the ordeal they had to go through.
I wish you so much success in your business and family. All your transitions should be as smooth as ours. Thank you so much for your attention and respectful guidance”. B

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