MB Design

The trust, care and expertise you need to make every transition easy.

MB design is a division of Simple Easy Transition. We offer retirees/downsizers an opportunity to design their new home with style and function, “downsizing without sacrificing style”. We work with you to create your space that is both equally functional and appealing by the lifestyle and habits of the people living in the space.

  • Consultation: your designer will meet with you in your home to see the space to be designed, get to know you, and understand your goals for the space.
  • Space assessment and planning
  • Storage solutions
  • Colour consultation
  • Furniture selection and procurement
  • Renovations and construction advice
  • Project development
  • Construction selection and administration


Movers And Packers Toronto
  • Movers And Packers Toronto
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“I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous job you did. I went to visit my dad this morning and was blown away by the work you did in 801. It is just fantastic. So warm and welcoming.” BK

“Thanks to Monica and her team for making my Mom’s move as easy as possible. They were able to arrange everything on a tight schedule and provided some great advice on what to keep and what to leave/sell/etc. Knowing that all of the packing, moving, unpacking, setup and disposal of all that extra “stuff” was being taken care of made my Mom’s move much less stressful for her and the family. Great job!”

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