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The trust, care and expertise you need to make every transition easy

Spend less time worrying about what needs to get done and spend more time planning your new home with the things you cherish. Our movers do the heavy lifting and handle your belongings with care, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the contents of your home are being moved professionally and with care.

What you can expect from us on moving day

  • Plan and co-ordinate your move from start to finish
  • Pack and itemize boxes for each room
  • Create storage solutions and inventory list
  • Co-ordinate packers, movers, elevators and other sub trades involved in your move
  • Move with our trained crew
  • Furniture is carefully wrapped and strategically loaded in our trucks
  • Supervise loading and unloading of furniture and personal belongings


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It may seem easy to hire someone to move a loved one and their belongings. However, it is not easy to hire someone who truly cares and treats your loved one(s) and their belongings as if they were their own. This is the case with Monica and Simple Easy Transition. Her staff and contractors live up to their name, and then some. My Mom felt secure, she was always greeted warmly and Monica made a point several times that it wasn't about what we, the family, wanted, it was about what my Mom wanted. She was exactly right.
From the initial meeting, when Monica supplied Mom with a timeline for her move, until the last item was placed in Mom's new home, Monica and her staff gave 5-star service. Both Claudia and Nicole went above the call of duty, calmly handling every challenge, recognizing that Mom was stressed and talking with her until she calmed down, and even polishing Mom's silver tea service. Mom still looks at it every day and marvels at how shiny it is. Monica paid attention to the stories Mom told about the items Mom cherished and made sure to incorporate those items in Mom's new home, such as placing a hand made doily on a table at the front door, so it was one of the first things you notice when you walk in.
The movers recommended by Monica took such great care, from lining the house with paper walkways to protect the carpet, to wrapping all the furniture with bubble wrap and cloths until they were sure there would be no damage. Someone once told me it was impossible to move without damaging or losing something so I guess the movers managed to do the impossible - nothing was damaged and nothing was missing.
The best part of the move was walking into the new home and feeling as though we had been on an episode of "Extreme Makeover-Home Edition" - what a delight to walk out of the old house in the morning and into the new house, beautifully decorated and feeling as though Mom had been living there for ages.
I could write ad nauseam singing the praises of Monica and her company, but quite frankly, I'd only be wasting your time, time better spent contacting Monica to take care of your move. SR

“Thanks to Monica and her team for making my Mom’s move as easy as possible. They were able to arrange everything on a tight schedule and provided some great advice on what to keep and what to leave/sell/etc. Knowing that all of the packing, moving, unpacking, setup and disposal of all that extra “stuff” was being taken care of made my Mom’s move much less stressful for her and the family. Great job!”

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