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Downsizing has become a common milestone or turning point for many people - whether a house becomes too big after the kids move out or too unmanageable for an aging parent. Too often, it causes a feeling of being overwhelmed with too many details to navigate. Simple Easy Transition’s relocation experts are happy to take care of those details and all the other ones you haven’t thought of yet. We’ll do the work so you can enjoy the changes ahead.

We will work closely with you during each step of a move and help you to:

  • Identify items designated for your new residence
  • Plan the new space to ensure everything fits comfortably
  • Ensure the new home is organized and functional before anyone moves in
  • Co-ordinate charities, consignment, content sales and auction services for unwanted items
  • And much more…


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“Monica was outstanding at understanding my needs while at the same time being tactfully sensitive to the things that I told her were precious to me. I was preparing my cluttered house, where I have lived for 44 years and in which I’ve brought up 3 daughters, for ‘readiness for sale‘.As I have not found the house that I want to move to, as yet, this meant that Monica had, not only to help me get rid of my excess furniture, clothes and belongings, but also, to rearrange the sentimental family things that i still want to live with while still making the rooms look uncluttered. Monica couldn’t have been more helpful, sensitive, and accommodating. She is a gem. Everyone needs a Monica in their life!”BN

“Carol and I want to express our gratitude to you for planning and implementing our move from a condo to a retirement home. The entire transition was accomplished with a minimum of hassle for us. You took on most of the worry about details from scheduling elevators, to hiring the movers to measure our furniture and suggested placement.
As we look back we are not sure that we could have done it without your planning and hard work.
Needless to say, we will be happy to provide our comments to others who are considering working with you on their moves.” C&PH

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